Be comfy. Be free. Be you.

Born free in the forests of Canada. Feel the crisp Lakes of the north, breathe in the mountain air and let yourself feel the calm of Canada. Let Antler Apparel take you there with its soft comfy fit and its chill Canadian style.

In the lull of eastern Alberta a Fashion designer from Niagara Falls was inspired by the vastness of the west. With near daily sightings of the majestic white tail deer and idea hatched…

Clothes that fit if you stand or sit, clothes as soft as a deer, style that reflects you, clothes that accent your beauty not control it. Experience Antler Apparel IRL -exclusively at the Planks Canada store! 

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Raise your needle & scissors to a NEW kind of night out! Planks Canada invites you to create your own wearable masterpiece over pizza & wings at South Coast Cookhouse in their new Banquet Room, all guided by a professional fashion designer.

Grab your friends and spend an hour designing, laughing and learning a new life skill! There’s no experience necessary and we’ll provide most of the supplies – we get you to pick out your own fabric so you can create something you will truly enjoy wearing.

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Customize your business with our in house Fashion Designer. Let us find the threads you want and design the graphics you need. From business cards to sign design At Planks Canada what you want we make or find.


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